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Located two kilometers away of Goya´s city and on Goya stream let’s margin. Have a first level substructure, a very much cared personalized attention and all the necessary comfort to enjoy an unforgettable experience. On the majestic coasts of Goya´s streamlet with own dock and incomparable landscape.
For the fishing’s enthusiast, the quietness and the silence, Irü Hetá is the option.

From Santa Fé 
You’ll have to take National Route 168, and then enter to National Route 12 emp. You’ll accede then to the route’s portion shared by the National Route 18, through which you’ll continue until arrive to the marvelous city of Goya.

From Capital Federal
You’ll take by 25 th May highway, then by the highway Luis Dellepiane´s  General, un till Perito Moreno’s highway, and accede to National Route A001. Further on, you’ll take the National Route 9, then to enter to National Route 12. You’ll accede to Provincial Route 6, then to take again the National Route 12 until arrive to Goya.

Approximate distances a Goya, Corrientes:
Asunción del Paraguay 685 km. 
Buenos Aires 788 km. 
Corrientes 220 Km. 
Esquina 115 km. 
Mercedes 162 km. 
Monte Caseros 318 km. 
Paso de Los Libres 285 km 
Ituzaingó 443 km. 
Resistencia (Chaco) 240 km por RN 12
La Paz (Entre Ríos) 199 Km. 
Paraná (Entre Ríos) 368 km. 
Gualeguay (Entre Ríos) 443 km por RN 12 
Santa Fe (Santa Fe) 398 km. 
Rosario (Santa Fe) 561 km. 
Posadas (Misiones) 537 km por RN 12 
Córdoba (Córdoba) 965 km.


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